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It was bound to happen eventually…. this journal is now semi-friends only.

I don’t bite and love to make friends, so just comment here if you want me to add you back.

YAY!! Let’s be friends!!!

I didn’t ever think I’d feel the need to f-lock any of my posts but alas, the time has come. I have had quite a few people that I do not know and have never talked to adding me of late. Most of which have empty journals. Though this doesn’t bother me all that much, it is a little disconcerting knowing that someone without details is watching my posts. If you happen to be one of these people and want me to add you back, just leave a comment here ne.

All my giveaway posts will remain public as will some other random posts, but any personal/personally flaily posts will be locked from now on.

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And the giveaways return...


It's about time right.

I've started up a community to host my new lot of giveaways.
I hope that anyone that is still following me for my giveaways and is vaguely paying attention will go check it out.

rules2 copy

The first giveaway has already started! Celebrating Shige's 27th birthday, there are 3 shop photo prizes. Hope to see some friendly faces.
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Giveaway Result - FINAL

The photos have now been sent off to the respective winners so here is the announcement


On winning first prize. The ltd ed. photo is on it's way to you now.

and second winner

Who obviously got the group set.

I'll be waiting to hear from you both that the photos arrives safely.

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In the land of Twitter

Hi f-list.
(I just imagined a collective "hi" back)

So I really am lacking in my livejournal presence of late and I relise I am slowly losing touch with some wonderful people.
I don't want that. I'm sorry I've been sparse.
This might not interest all of you, but if anyone feels the same way as me, and is a frequent twitter goer, you are welcome to add me there.
I'm not going to mass advertise my username because I like knowing who is adding me. But comment and I'll pm you my user.

I miss you all dearly.
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Johnny's Chou Sekushi Super-Idol Rabu-Rabu Shop Photo GiveawaaaAAAaaAy 7

Giveaway number 7 already?!

Summary post for the last giveaway can be foun here

The standard intro:

As a basic introduction, I will be giving away one photo per month to a randomly selected participant. If you have already participated in the past you will already know, but for each giveaway there will be a small challenge/requirement of participation. The details of your entry do not affect your chances to win, as it is completely random (using a random number generator), but please have fun with the challenges, they are a means to get to know more about your idols, yourself and other fangirls and in general, just have a good time being silly.

I started this with the intent of sharing the love of our fandom and increasing the bonds between us all. Please feel free to interact to your hearts content and to enjoy not only completing the challenges but checking out each other's entries as well.

For a full list of rules and how it works see here.

winners will be notified within 24 hours.

Johnny's Chou Sekushi Super-Idol Rabu-Rabu Shop Photo

GiveawaaaAAAaaAy 7

shopphoto giveaway

Giveaway 6 - closure date:

Wednesday 27/02/2013 Midday (Tokyo time)

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